Women’s World Cup result and reaction as Mary Earps saves Lionesses

England opened their Women’s World Cup campaign with a win but the Lionesses were pushed all the way by Haiti in what was a close contest in Brisbane.

Georgia Stanway’s retaken penalty in the first half was enough to earn England a narrow victory, but goalkeeper Mary Earps had to make a big stop to protect their lead late on.

Sarina Wiegman’s side lacked fluency at times but Haiti provided the Lionesses with a stern test, particularly their 19-year-old star Melchie Dumornay.

Stanway’s first penalty attempt was saved by Haiti goalkeeper Kerly Theus, but VAR ruled she had encroached, with the midfielder making no mistake on the second time around.

Haiti’s best chance came as substitute Roseline Eloissaint was released down the left, but Earps managed to make a vital save with her left leg to ensure England won all three points.

The result gives England a winning start to Group D, with fixtures against China and Denmark to come.

Follow live updates as England take on Haiti at the Women’s World Cup.

Women’s World Cup LIVE: England vs Haiti latest updatesWomen’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:54 , Mike Jones

Post-match reaction from Georgia Stanway who told ITV: “They challenged us. They were very dangerous on the counter attack, that is something we will work on now in training. Mary came up with a big save and everyone played their part.

“She’s[Mary Earps] very good, a top keeper. Those are the moments that makes them become a top keeper. The most important thing is the three points, it’s a good start.

“I was just focused on the ball [for the penalty retake], focused on the situation and blocked out everything. The first one was a very good save, so credit for the save but she was off her line. There’s a process I go through an I just stuck to that.

“You have a really long build-up. We’ve been building up for five or six weeks, we’ve been here in Australia for two weeks already. A first game settles the nerves, we can build momentum and it’s good to get that World Cup feel.

“[On facing Denmark] It’s another challenge but we should just focus on ourselves.”

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:49 , Mike Jones

Here’s Georgia Stanway talking about that penalty and how crucial Mary Earps is to this England side:

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:47 , Mike Jones

England have scored in each of their last 14 games in the Women’s World Cup, scoring 24 goals in that run.

They also had 11 shots on target against Haiti, their most on record (since 2011) in a single match at the Women’s World Cup.

Alessia Russo had five of these, the most by a Lioness in the same timeframe.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:44 , Mike Jones

Here’s Georgia Stanway’s winning goal for England. She needed two attempts at it but managed to slot home her penalty.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:41 , Mike Jones




Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:38 , Mike Jones

England boss Sarina Wiegman has gathered her players and coaching staff into a circle on the pitch for a chat. She can’t be overly pleased with that performance but will be over the moon that her team got the win.

A reminder that the Lionesses looked awful in their opening match of the Euros too but they went on to win that tournament.


Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:35 , Mike Jones

After a testing opener in Brisbane the Lionesses kick off their World Cup campaign with three points over Haiti. It was far from a convincing performance though and they’ll need to sharpen up ahead of their next fixture.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:30 , Mike Jones


90+4 mins: England hold on. They’ve edge past a Haiti team who put up more of a fight than anyone was expecting. A penalty – awarded for handball and retaken after goalkeeper encroachment – is the only difference between these two sides.

England wasted chances yes, but Haiti created the better ones. Mary Earps twice had to pull out incredible saves to keep her team in front – giving Nike a reminder why they should be selling her goalkeeping shirt alongside those of the outfielders.

Sarina Wiegman will be sighing with relief though. Her team has loads of work to do yet, Millie Bright is undercooked and the back four hasn’t yet gelled.

Haiti provided enough signs to show they may be dark houses to get out of Group D but it’s England who move to the top of the table after this opening clash.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:26 , Mike Jones

90 mins: Four minutes of stoppage time to play in Brisbane. Can England cling on and get this win or will Haiti spring a last ditch surprise?

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:24 , Mike Jones

88 mins: Chloe Kelly lays the ball off to Lucy Bronze who whips it quickly into the box. Georgia Stanway brings it down and pokes it across to Ella Toone on the edge of the box.

Toone can’t get an opening so gives it back to Stanway who shoots and hooks her effort well wide of the far post. That wasn’t a good attempt.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:21 , Mike Jones

85 mins: England were 1/80 on to win this game. They may yet go on to do so but the contest has been blistering, Haiti have been fantastic and have given the Lionesses a real battle.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:18 , Mike Jones

82 mins: Save! Mondesir gets in behind England’s defence once again and takes possession of the ball. She spins and lays the ball off to substitute Roseline Eloissaint.

Eloissant’s first touch takes her past the central defenders before she guides a shot towards the far bottom corner. Mary Earps shuffles out and sticks out her left leg. She gets a big chunk of the ball and deflects it away!

That’s a monumetal save from England’s goalkeeper.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:15 , Mike Jones

79 mins: Almost! Lucy Bronze pings a cross in from the right wing and perfectly finds Rachel Daly. Daly leaps and hangs in the air but she can’t turn the ball towards goal as Kerly Theus comes out to challenge her.

If she gets a bit more of that one, it’s a certain goal. These are nervous times for England and the match heads to its conclusion.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:12 , Mike Jones

76 mins: Rachel Daly comes on for England to replace Alessia Russo. She scored 30 goals in 30 appearances for Aston Villa in the WSL last season and is a fine replacement up top when the Lionesses need a goal.

Lauren James hangs a cross into the box from the left but it’s too close to the goalkeeper again allowing Kerly Theus to snatch it up.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:09 , Mike Jones

73 mins: Toone and James link up on the left side for England with James moving inside and looking for runners into the middle of the area.

She curls in a pass but it’s too far away from Russo and Theus comes off her line to scoop up the ball.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:05 , Mike Jones

70 mins: Shot! Lauren James switches the play with a fine ball out to Chloe Kelly on the right. Kelly tries to release the ball to Lucy Bronze on the overlap but hits the defender.

She takes the ball back, cuts onto her left foot and drives a shot towards the far post but knocks it wide of the target. Encouraging signs for England though.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

12:02 , Mike Jones

67 mins: Millie Bright has a chance to get England further ahead as the ball bounces to her from a corner. He snatches at her shot and lifts it well over the crossbar.

England may yet come to rue these missed chances.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:59 , Mike Jones

64 mins: A wonderful move from Haiti cuts England apart but the curling pass to Mondesir arrives behind the Haiti captain and the Lionesses scramble in time to defend.

Save! At the other end of the pitch a cross comes into Russo who nods one at goal and forces Theus to tip the ball over the crossbar.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:58 , Mike Jones

61 mins: Sarina Wiegman makes a change for England and brings on Lauren James to replace Lauren Hemp who’s just collected a yellow card.

Can James help England get some control on this game?

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:54 , Mike Jones

58 mins: Chance! England flick the ball into the box and pick out Alessia Russo. She takes the ball down on her chest, swivels and shoots but sees her effort deflected wide of the target.

The resultant corner is whipped into the near post, Tabita Joseph takes the ball under control then boots it clear.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:52 , Mike Jones

55 mins: The physicality of Haiti is causing England some issues. They’re closing the ball down quickly, winning challenges in midfield and always searching to get forward.

Anothe loose pass from Bright gives the ball to Mondesir who has a go from range and smokes it well over the crossbar. The Haiti captain looks to have aggrevated her ankle with that shot and needs help to leave the pitch.

Haiti are playing with 10 for now.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:49 , Mike Jones

52 mins: Nerilla Mondesir seems to be in pain. She stayed down after a tackle before getting to her feet and hobbling away. The Haiti captain will play on though and they’ll need her in order to turn over this deficit.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:45 , Mike Jones

49 mins: Save! Haiti get the ball over to the left side of the pitch where Melchie Dumornay drives forward. She cuts inside of Mille Bright, rolls the ball onto her right foot and drills one at goal only for Mary Earps to come to England’s rescue.

Earps palms the ball into the air allowing England to scoop it clear.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:42 , Mike Jones

45 mins: Early chance for England. Chloe Kelly and Lauren Hemp have switched sides. Ella Toone gets on the ball and takes it up to the edge of the box before slipping in Kelly.

Kelly’s footwork gets her past a couple of defender but her square pass is deflected and Kerly Theus leaps onto the ball to smother it.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:41 , Mike Jones

Second half: Haiti get the match back underway. No changes from either team as of yet.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:39 , Mike Jones

Melchie Dumornay has created three chances in this game, more than any other player on either team. She’s been the bright spark for Haiti and is only 19-years-old.

Will she drag her team back into this contest?

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:31 , Mike Jones

Half-time: Georgia Stanway’s retaken penalty hase given England a slender lead in their World Cup opener against Haiti but the Lionesses have been far from their best.

A positive performance in the second half will bring them confidence and there are options off the bench to get them further ahead.



Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:26 , Mike Jones


45+9 mins: Georgia Stanway collects a yellow card right at the end of the first half as England continue to look a bit frazzled. Sarina Wiegman has a big team talk coming up, she needs to get a grip on her team to cut down the mistakes.

As it stands though, the Lionesses have the lead and that’s all that matters in this opening game.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:22 , Mike Jones

45+6 mins: England think there’s a foul off the ball as Alex Greenwood is taken out when Haiti break down the right. Dumornay carries the ball into the box and lifts it over to Borgella who nods a effort over the crossbar.

The Lionesses need to sharpen up. They’ve been solid going forward but defensively look all over the place.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:19 , Mike Jones

45+3 mins: Dumornay and Borgella are combining nicely for Haiti who continue to challenge England’s shaky backline. Borgella thinks she’s won a corner but the assistant referee awards a goal kick.

Haiti are the ones finishing this half stronger.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:17 , Mike Jones

45 mins: There’s going to be nine minutes of stoppage time added on at the end of the first half which has seen a few VAR incidents and a retaken penalty already.

Plenty of time for more goals.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:16 , Mike Jones

45 mins: Chance! Haiti should be level.

The work a corner short and gives the ball to Dumornay who weaves into space and lifts a good cross into the six-yard box. Roselord Borgella is free and leaps to meet the ball.

It she gets there she scores but the ball flies over her head and England clear it.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:15 , Mike Jones

42 mins: Close! Alessia Russo receives the ball on the edge of the box and sends it over to the left wing where Alex Greenwood is bombing forward.

Greenwood whips the ball into the box and delivers it back to Russo but the forward glances her header wide of the back post!

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:12 , Mike Jones

39 mins: Chance! That was the moment for England. Georgia Stanway drifts into the right side channel and receives the ball. She lifts it into the box with a lovely pass from the outside of her foot.

Alessia Russo jumps for the ball but misses it. It drops over her head just as Lauren Hemp arrives. Hemp pokes the ball at goal but Kerly Theus drops low to her left to cling onto the ball.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:09 , Mike Jones

35 mins: Close! Haiti recover the ball and burst quickly on the counter. Dumornay slides the ball over to the right for Mondesir who lifts a great cross back into the middle.

Dumornay follows it into the box and looks for the volley only for Millie Bright to get a crucial touch on the ball and knock it clear of the forward.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 1-0 Haiti

11:03 , Mike Jones

32 mins: England were fortunate with the penalty but they’ve got themselves off the mark in the World Cup. A second goal will put them well in control but they need a bit more quality in the final third.

Haiti have shown enough fight that potentially get themselves back in this match.

Women’s World Cup 2023: GOAL! England 1-0 Haiti (Stanway, 29’)⚽️

11:01 , Mike Jones

29 mins: Missed! Georgia Stanway steps up for England. She boots the ball to the goalkeeper’s right but Kerly Theus dives the correct way and palms the ball wide of the post!

Wait, Theus came off her line too early, she’s punished for encroachment and the penalty is retaken.

Stanway steps up again, goes to the same wide and rolls this one into the bottom corner as the goalkeeper stands rooted to the spot.

England have the lead!

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:59 , Mike Jones

27 mins: Penalty to England!

It was clear from the replays that Kethna Louis got her fingers on the ball, the referee looks at the pitchside monitor and points to the spot announcing that England have a penalty.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:58 , Mike Jones

25 mins: England win a corner that Chloe Kelly whips over to the back post. Lucy Bronze leaps to win the header but Kethna Louis gets there ahead of her.

The ball drops and hits Bronze before bouncing out of play.

There’s a VAR check going on though, Louis looks liked she flicked the ball with her hand. This is going to be a penalty.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:53 , Mike Jones

22 mins: Millie Bright makes a no nonsense clearance as she tries to get up to speed with this game. The ball goes to Lauren Hemp who spins and storms down the left wing.

She looks to set Alessia Russo free but Tabita Joseph is quickly across to get to the loose ball first and she belts it out of play.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:51 , Mike Jones

19 mins: No penalty! Dayana Pierre-Louis clearly fouled Chloe Kelly with a tackle that scrapes down her shin before leaning a shoulder into her chin.

Unfortunately for England, Alessia Russo made a foul on Tabita Joseph in the phase just before Pierre-Louis’ foul so England don’t get the decision.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:48 , Michael Jones

17 mins: Oh now then. There’s a VAR check going on here for a possible England penalty. Dayana Pierre-Louis may have forcefully challenged Chloe Kelly and caught her on the chin.

Kelly went down inside the box and the referee has been called over to the pitchside monitor.


Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:46 , Mike Jones

14 mins: Chance! Mille Bright and Lucy Bronze go after the same ball to clear leaving space in behind for Roselord Borgella.

The Haitian forward takes the ball, nips into the box and slots a right-footed effort wide of the far post as Mary Earps came out to close her down.

Huge moment missed for Haiti but England need to sharpen up in defence.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:44 , Mike Jones

12 mins: Chloe Kelly lifts a curling ball into the box from the right side and find Lauren Hemp on the opposite side of the box. She crosses again with her first touch and Alessia Russo wins the header to knock the ball down for Georgia Stanway.

The bounce is awkward and Stanway boots her effort over the top!

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:42 , Mike Jones

9 mins: England have started this match well. They’re passing it quickly and looking to get forward but equally Haiti have been unafraid to take the game to them.

They’re defending physically and are heads down, sprint forward when they get possession.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:37 , Mike Jones

6 mins: Chance! The speed with which England get the ball forward is frightening for Haiti. Chloe Kelly makes a good run off the ball on the right side and is almost found with a diagonal pass.

The pass is intercepted but the ball comes loose and drops perfectly for Alessia Russo. She shoots from just inside the box but blazes her effort straight at Kerly Theus who keeps it out.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:35 , Mike Jones

4 mins: A quick counter-attack sends England flying up the pitch, they earn themselves a corner that Chloe Kelly whips over to the back post.

Lucy Bronze rises high but can’t control her header and it bobbles wide of the nearest post. This is better from England.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:33 , Mike Jones

2 mins: A loose pass from Millie Bright gives the ball away to Haiti’s captain Nerilla Mondesir. Haiti burst up the pitch as the ball comes across to Melchie Daelle Dumornay.

Dumornay is forced out to the right side of the box but Haiti win an early corner. Not the start England would have been hoping for.

The corner is cleared and the Lionesses look to break up the pitch.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England 0-0 Haiti

10:31 , Mike Jones

Kick off!

Sarina Wiegman decided to go with Alessia Russo as the primary forward for this match with Rachel Daly waiting in the wings. Russo gets the match started and gives the ball to Georgia Stanway.

The Lionesses look to maintain possession and build out from the back.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

10:28 , Mike Jones

The players head onto the pitch and the national anthems are sung. England’s World Cup campaign gets underway next, can the European Champions lay down a marker that shows why they’re one of the tournament favourites?

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

10:21 , Jamie Braidwood

“Straight away I was just in shock,” Millie Bright remembers. It was a Wednesday evening in late April when England’s road to the World Cup hit a major bump, as Leah Williamson collapsed over her right knee and hobbled down the tunnel at Leigh Sports Village. The news then confirmed what was initially feared: with two months to go until the Women’s World Cup, England’s captain was out having suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament injury.

It left the Lionesses needing a new leader. “I don’t think the captaincy crossed my mind at all, hand on heart,” says Bright. After such a severe injury, the defender’s thoughts instead turned to her centre-back partner at last summer’s Euros, but the confirmation soon followed: with Williamson out, Bright will captain England at this summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. “There aren’t enough words,” she says. “It’s a massive honour.”

How Millie Bright became England’s ‘voice’ for the Women’s World Cup

How Millie Bright became England’s ‘voice’ for the Women’s World Cup

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

10:16 , Mike Jones

The warm ups are underway and the fans are packing into the stadium. England should have enough quality to win this opening match but they started sluggishly in the Euros and will hope to avoid that today.



Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

10:14 , Mike Jones

England are ranked fourth in the world and are one of the favourites to win the whole tournament despite tough competition from the United States, who are attempting to become the first nation to win three successive titles.

“The pressure is always on England,” said Lionesses boss Sarina Wiegman. “Everyone expects England to win anyway – that was also the case last year – that’s not different now.”

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

10:09 , Jamie Braidwood

The United States remain the team to beat ahead of the Women’s World Cup and the two-time defending champions remain number one in the Fifa rankings ahead of the tournament.

The USA are looking to become the first country to win three World Cups in a row and have held top spot since 2017.

But the tournament in Australia and New Zealand could bring a shake-up to the order. Europe is catching up and the likes of England, Germany, France and Spain will be coming for the USA’s crown.

Zambia come into the World Cup as the lowest-ranked team at the tournament, which is hosting 32 teams for the first time.

Women’s football world rankings: Who could take No 1 at the World Cup?

Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-5 Japan

10:08 , Mike Jones


In the end Japan hammered Zambia 5-0 but it could easily have been more. There were a couple of penalties turned down, goals ruled out for offside and plenty of missed chances for Japan.

They’ve set down a marker in this tournament though and move to the top of Group C.

GOAL! Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-5 Japan

10:06 , Mike Jones

Catherine Musonda comes storming off her line and clatters into Riko Ueki. It’s a clear foul and the Zambian goalkeeper earns a second yellow card followed by a red!

She’s off.

Eunice Sakala comes on to replace her for the stoppage time penalty. She saves it! A strong hand tips the ball onto the bar but wait, there’s a VAR check going on.

Oh no! Sakala left her line too early and the penalty is retaken.

This time Ueki smokes it hom and Japan have a fifth.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

10:00 , Mike Jones

This will be the first ever match between England and Haiti. The Lionesses have never lost a group stage game against a CONCACAF team played at the Women’s World Cup with two wins and one draw from their three matches.

(The FA via Getty Images)

England vs Haiti latest odds

09:56 , Mike Jones

In a surprise to absolute no-one, England are the massive favourites with the bookmakers to win their opening match at the World Cup when they take on Haiti this morning.

According to Betfair, it would cost punters £80 just to win £1 back should the Lionesses prevail in Brisbane but, for the chancers, Haiti have an outside chance of 75/1 to defeat Sarina Wiegman’s team.

England vs Haiti match odds:

England: 1/80

Draw: 22/1

Haiti: 75/1

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

09:49 , Jamie Braidwood

As the squads have been adjusting to Australia and New Zealand over the last few weeks, many coaches and staff members have been doing what the rest of the public does, bouncing around news stories about the different teams to see how they are doing. It is the point at which an international tournament takes on that enticingly self-contained quality. All eyes still go to the USA, especially with this being Megan Rapinoe’s last World Cup, and the squad looking to see her off with a historic third successive victory.

As the defending champions themselves look around the field, though, they aren’t seeing what they used to. There is the usual confidence, of course, but also some caution. The gap between them and the rest of the teams isn’t as big. Rapinoe’s retirement may well close out a wider era, since the dominant factor in women’s football over the last decade has been how the USA have enjoyed much longer-term development than the rest of the game. That has been seen as especially influential as regards physical conditioning, but the general feeling is that the European game and Australia have caught up.

Big World Cup preview, by Miguel Delaney

Why this Women’s World Cup will be unlike anything we’ve seen before

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

09:42 , Mike Jones

Team news!

Here’s the Haitian team that will line-up against England:

Haiti XI: Kerly Theus, Jennyfer Limage, Tabita Joseph, Melchie Daelle Dumornay, Batcheba Louis, Sherly Jeudy, Nerilla Mondesir, Betina Petit-Frere, Dayana Pierre-Louis, Kethna Louis, Roselord Borgella

GOAL! Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-4 Japan

09:35 , Mike Jones

Japan are firmly in control of this match now and are starting to get their rewards. Hinata Miyazawa sends them ahead by three goals before Jun Endo adds a fourth with 20 minutes to go.

They draw the Zambian defence over to the right side of the pitch, pulled the ball back into the middle before slipping Endo into space on the left. She carries it into the box and nestles a lovely finish into the far bottom corner.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

09:29 , Jamie Braidwood

Team news!

Sarina Wiegman had some big calls to make ahead of England’s opening game. The Lionesses manager goes for Alessia Russo over Rachel Daly at No 9, while Chloe Kelly starts ahead of Lauren James on the right. Ella Toone starts at No 10, with James on the bench. Millie Bright is fit enough to start, as expected. We will have to wait and see whether it’s Jess Carter or Alex Greenwood who partners her, with the other slotting in at left back.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

09:25 , Mike Jones

Team news!

England XI: Mary Earps; Lucy Bronze, Millie Bright, Jess Carter, Alex Greenwood; Georgia Stanway, Keira Walsh; Chloe Kelly, Ella Toone, Lauren Hemp; Alessia Russo

The Lionesses have arrived

09:23 , Mike Jones

The official team news will soon be dropping for England’s opener against Haiti. Sarina Wiegman’s side have arrived at the Brisbane Stadium and look ready for this one.

GOAL! Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-2 Japan

09:21 , Jamie Braidwood

Finally, this one counts! Tanaka has her goal at the third attempt. Jun Endo puts it on a plate with a lovely ball across goal, after she had been played through by the excellent Yui Hasegawa. Tanaka slides in and steers it into the far corner!

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

09:19 , Jamie Braidwood

The battle for the Women’s World Cup is underway, but the contest for the best kit at the tournament has never been stronger.

The biggest ever Women’s World Cup means there are more new shirts to dive into than ever before, while Nike and Adidas have taken their creative experimentation process to another level in Australia and New Zealand.

Like in 2019, the Women’s World Cup features a host of unique designs – with Adidas unveiling a selection of nature-themed kits and Nike taking inspiration from various artistic movements. The results are wild.

Here are the Women’s World Cup 2023 kits, ranked and rated from worst to best:

Every Women’s World Cup kit ranked and rated

NO PENALTY! Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-1 Japan

09:17 , Jamie Braidwood

Let off for Zambia again! Fujino was offside when the ball through was played, so Musonda gets away with it!

Japan should really be four or five goals up by now, but Zambia are still in it.

(Getty Images)

NO GOAL! Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-1 Japan

09:16 , Jamie Braidwood

Japan are denied for the second time! Tanaka finished off a lovely flowing move from the left, but the striker went a moment too soon.

It’s another reprieve for Zambia…

But not for long! The goalkeeper Musonda wipes out Fujino in the box and it’s a penalty!

Women’s World Cup 2023: USA 3-0 Vietnam

09:06 , Jamie Braidwood

Sophia Smith got the USA’s World Cup defence up and running with a brilliant two-goal performance against Vietnam early this morning.

Smith scored the USA’s opening goal of the tournament as she finished off a flowing move, before adding their second and setting up Lindsey Horan’s third.

Golden boot contender?

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

08:59 , Jamie Braidwood

The Women’s World Cup is finally here as the biggest tournament ever kicks off in Australia and New Zealand.

The first 32-team Women’s World Cup is set to be one of the most open yet, with a host of teams challenging to dethrone the two-time defending champions United States.

England head ‘Down Under’ full of belief after their Euros success on home soil last summer, but that is also set to inspire co-hosts Australia and their star forward Sam Kerr.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, including group guides, players to watch, and how to follow on TV .

Women’s World Cup groups: A comprehensive guide to each squad

GOAL! Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-1 Japan

08:44 , Jamie Braidwood

Japan take a deserved lead and it’s a lovely goal! Hinata Miyazawa finishes a swift break down the right, steering Aoba Fujino’s accurate cross past Musonda to give Japan the breakthrough just before half time.

It had been coming: Jpaan have played some excellent football so far this half.

(Getty Images)

Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-0 Japan

08:43 , Jamie Braidwood

Catherine Musonda is having a brilliant game in the Zambia goal. She makes another fine stop to deny a long-range effort from Fuka Nagano.

Barbra Banda gets her first chance to break into the Japan box, but her touch lets her down and the ball runs out of play.

Kelly Smith column: Daly or Russo? I know who I would start

08:39 , Jamie Braidwood

Tournament football is about solving problems, quickly and effectively. While Sarina Wiegman, assistant Arjan Veurink, and the rest of the coaching team will be devising plans to see off England’s World Cup opponents, a lot comes down to how teams react on the pitch to what is in front of them.

That is especially true when facing teams who want to sit deep against a team of England’s undoubted strength, where unlocking packed back lines with 10 or 11 behind the ball will be crucial.

Against cautious opponents – which is what England will face in the group stage when they play Haiti, Denmark and China – taking chances is the key. Scoring not only puts you up, but it also alters the stage of the game, it will invite the opposition forwards to try to get one back, and there is the psychological impact. There is nothing more disheartening than defending superbly for 20 or 30 minutes and then conceding from the first real opportunity.

And that is why Sarina’s biggest decision is who starts in the number 9 position. Rachel Daly started against Portugal, before Alessia Russo replaced her at half time. With Ellen White retired, the decision of who gets the starting jersey is between these two.

By Lionesses legend Kelly Smith ahead of England’s opening game

Kelly Smith: Rachel Daly or Alessia Russo for England? I know who I would start

Women’s World Cup 2023: Zambia 0-0 Japan

08:26 , Jamie Braidwood

No goal! It’s been one-way traffic so far in Hamilton but it remains goalless between Zambia and Japan in Group C. Japan have just had a goal disallowed after Mina Tanaka was offside in the first phase of play, before the striker slid in to finish.

Zambia are hanging on – they have barely got outside of their own half yet. Japan look sharp.

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

08:19 , Jamie Braidwood

Sarina Wiegman: “We’re here and we have a dream, and of course there’s always a chance to win the World Cup, and many more countries can win the World Cup I think, but of course we’re going to give our everything starting tomorrow.”

“The pressure is always something. Everyone expected England to win anyway. This is for tomorrow and also last year, and that was also for the Austria game for the European Championships.

“So that’s not different. What we’re just trying to do is play our game and focus on what we have to do and how we can win, and that’s basically what we do all the time, so bring it back to what actions we need to take as a team.”

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

08:06 , Jamie Braidwood

Since arriving in Australia, Sarina Wiegman has stepped up work on a new system, that may not even be unveiled until the knock-out stages. It is an inherent acknowledgement that England are no longer in the strong position they were, but simultaneously something that may yet prove the winning of this World Cup.

This has been reflected in the mood of the camp in Australia, beyond the distraction over bonuses. There is certainly no lack of faith, especially in Wiegman’s ability to come up with something special. This is another benefit of a feat like the Euro 2022 victory. It banishes doubts, and fosters that immensely powerful feeling that everything will go well because the manager knows exactly what they are doing. It is why big games, as in that juncture quarter-final win over Spain, can almost seem like they will go exactly as Wiegman predicts.

There’s also the fact that, right now, the manager has one of the most talented teams in the world. For so long, this has seemed like the moment England were long building up to.

The question now is whether that moment just comes at the wrong time.

Preview by Miguel Delaney

Sarina Wiegman insists England will give ‘everything’ to lift Women’s World Cup

Women’s World Cup 2023: Japan vs Zambia

08:00 , Jamie Braidwood

This morning’s World Cup action continues with Japan vs Zambia in Group C.

Japan, the 2011 champions, have a proud World Cup history but are prepared for this tournament to be part of their development as they go through the generations.

Zambia are the lowest-ranked team at the World Cup but they stunned Germany in the warm-up games and have one of the most dangerous forwards in the world in captain Barbra Banda.

She scored back-to-back hat-tricks at the Olympics two years ago – keen an eye out for her, as well as Racheal Kundananji.

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Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

07:53 , Jamie Braidwood

Haiti have nothing to lose on their Women’s World Cup debut as they join England, Denmark and China in Group D.

Ranked 53rd in the world, Haiti are one of eight teams playing at the Women’s World Cup for the first time, a stage that reached via the inter-continental play-offs.

Rising star Melchie Dumornay scored twice in their final 2-1 victory over Chile, and Haiti have the talent to cause further upsets if they can balance their ambition with defensive organisation.

Nicolas Delepine’s side are faced with a tough task, however. Not only will they face European champions England in Group D, but Asian champions China as well.

Haiti team guide: Women’s World Cup squad and who to watch

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

07:42 , Jamie Braidwood

Key player – England

Keira Walsh was the player of the match in the Euros final and remains England’s most important player with her ability to set the team’s pace and tempo in midfield. Walsh moved to Barcelona last summer for what was said to be a world-record fee and after winning the Champions League on her first season at the club, the 26-year-old has returned to the Lionesses to set higher standards.

The coach – Sarina Wiegman

The best tournament manager in the world? After winning the Euros in 2017 and reaching the World Cup final in 2019 with her native Netherlands, and then winning the Euros again with England in 2022, Sarina Wiegman has every right to make that claim. The World Cup in 2023 could be her greatest challenge but Wiegman, with her supreme communication, tactical observation, and player management skills, can rise to it.

(The FA via Getty Images)

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

07:29 , Jamie Braidwood

Today’s World Cup fixtures

Group E: USA 3-0 Vietnam (02:00, Auckland) – BBC

Group C: Zambia vs Japan (08:00 Hamilton) – BBC

Group D: England vs Haiti (10:30, Brisbane) – ITV

Group D: Denmark vs China (13:00, Perth) – BBC

Women’s World Cup TV schedule: How to watch every match today

England goalkeeper Mary Earps hits out at Nike for refusing to sell her shirt

07:26 , Jamie Braidwood

England goalkeeper Mary Earps says Nike’s decision to not sell her kit during the Women’s World Cup is “hurtful” and “hugely disappointing”.

England’s home and away kits are available for fans to buy, but the Lionesses goalkeeper kits have not been put up for sale by the team’s kit supplier.

Earps was England’s goalkeeper when they won the Euros last summer and the Manchester United star was named Fifa’s Best Women’s Goalkeeper for 2022.

Earps said England captain Millie Bright had told her she wanted to buy her kit for her niece, only to find it wasn’t available for purchase.

England goalkeeper Mary Earps hits out at Nike for refusing to sell her shirt

England make decision on armbands for Women’s World Cup matches

07:19 , Jamie Braidwood

England captain Millie Bright will wear armbands advocating for inclusion, Indigenous People and gender equality in the Lionesses’ respective first three World Cup matches, the FA has confirmed.

Players have the choice of wearing one or more of eight FIFA-sanctioned armbands at this tournament, but not the rainbow OneLove design that sparked the threat of sanctions being issued to countries – including England and Wales – during the 2022 men’s World Cup in Qatar.

Should the Lionesses progress past the group stage, which begins with Saturday’s opener against Haiti, the player-led decision is for their skipper to switch out her armband to a new cause for each match.

England make decision on armbands for Women’s World Cup matches

Women’s World Cup: England vs Haiti team news

07:06 , Jamie Braidwood

England captain Millie Bright has been given the all-clear to start their World Cup opener against Haiti, with Sarina Wiegman having a fully-fit squad to choose from.

Bright has not played a competitive match since March but has recovered from knee surgery in time to lead England into their Group D opener in Brisbane.

Wiegman said she has yet to decide her starting line-up, and the manager has decisions to make at left-back and at No 9, where Alessia Russo and Rachel Daly are competing for a place.

Predicted line-up

England XI: Earps; Bronze, Bright, Carter, Greenwood; Walsh, Stanway, Toone; James, Daly, Hemp

Women’s World Cup 2023: England vs Haiti

07:05 , Jamie Braidwood

England play their first match of the World Cup against Haiti in Group D on 22 July. The game starts at 10:30am BST and will be shown on ITV 1.

Women’s World Cup: How to watch England vs Haiti on TV

Women’s World Cup: USA 3-0 Vietnam

07:03 , Jamie Braidwood

Sophia Smith scored a first-half brace on her Women’s World Cup debut as the United States got their bid for a third successive title off to a comfortable start with a 3-0 win over Vietnam at Eden Park on Saturday.

The top-ranked Americans have put their trust in the next generation this year and were rewarded with a showstopping performance from the 22-year-old forward, who also provided the assist for co-captain Lindsey Horan’s goal in the second half.

Vietnam were scarcely able to breach the final third on their World Cup debut but goalkeeper Tran Thi Kim Thanh dived to her right to save Alex Morgan’s first-half penalty in one of several good chances the U.S. spurned.

(AP Photo/Andrew Cornaga)

Sarina Wiegman insists England will give ‘everything’ to lift Women’s World Cup

07:02 , Jamie Braidwood

England boss Sarina Wiegman vowed the Lionesses would do “everything” they can to bring home a first World Cup when they begin their campaign against Haiti in Brisbane on Saturday.

Wiegman also provided a welcome update on captain Millie Bright, who is fit to start tomorrow’s contest after concerns she was still recovering from the knee injury she sustained in March which required surgery.

The World Cup trophy is one that has so far eluded both England and Wiegman, who led the Netherlands to the final four years ago in France but fell to defeat at the hands of the United States.

Sarina Wiegman insists England will give ‘everything’ to lift Women’s World Cup

Womens World Cup: England vs Haiti

07:00 , Jamie Braidwood

England begin their Women’s World Cup campaign against Haiti as the Lionesses look to follow up last summer’s Euros triumph with another major tournament victory.

Sarina Wiegman’s side come into the World Cup as one of the favourites, despite losing stars Leah Williamson, Beth Mead and Fran Kirby to injury, and are expected to get off to a winning start in Group D against debutants Haiti.

With Williamson out, her centre-back partner Millie Bright will captain the side in Australia and the Lionesses have been boosted by the news that their stand-in skipper is fit to start. Haiti, who are ranked 53rd in the world, are joined by China and Denmark in Group D.

England’s build-up to the World Cup has come amid a row with the Football Association over bonus payments and other commercial concerns, but the players have agreed to pause discussions during the tournament.

Follow live updates as England take on Haiti at the Women’s World Cup.


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