Women’s Champions League result and reaction as Blues draw in Spain

Chelsea opened their Women’s Champions League campaign with a draw against Real Madrid in a contest they will believe should have been won. The Blues started as the more aggressive side but went behind in the 10th minute as Olga Carmona’s deflected effort beat Ann-Katrin Berger with the hosts’ first shot of the game.

Emma Hayes’ side responded beautifully. The upped the tempo, controlled possession and equalised just before the break through Niamh Charles’ header. As the second half began Real Madrid played higher up the pitch and occassionally piled the pressure on Chelsea’s defence.

The next breakthrough came at the other end of the pitch though as Charles lofted a cross into the box for Sam Kerr to bullet head into the back of the net. Minutes later, Athenea del Castillo was brought down by Jessie Fleming and dove into the box convincing the referee to award a penalty which Carmona smoked home to make it 2-2.

A final touch of drama arrived in the last minute of stoppage time as Charles swept the ball into the net only for it to be ruled out for offside.

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Real Madrid vs Chelsea live

FT – Chelsea draw 2-2 with Real Madrid

88’ CROSSBAR! – James hits the woodwork before Fleming’s rebound goes wide (RMA 2-2 CHE)

79’ GOAL! – Carmona nets from the penalty spot (RMA 2-2 CHE)

74’ GOAL! – Kerr heads the Blues into the lead (RMA 1-2 CHE)

51’ SAVE! – Misa denies Kerr from the middle of the box (RMA 1-1 CHE)

41’ GOAL! – Charles heads in the equaliser (RMA 1-1 CHE)

36’ CLOSE! – Kerr misses out on Cuthbert’s cross from close range (RMA 1-0 CHE)

30’ SAVE! – Misa denies Kerr at the near post (RMA 1-0 CHE)

10’ GOAL! – Carmona’s strike from range puts Madrid in front (RMA 1-0 CHE)

FT Real Madrid 2-2 Chelsea

22:29 , Mike Jones




Full-time! Real Madrid 2-2 Chelsea

21:53 , Mike Jones

90+5 mins: Oh my! A long cross into the box from the right picks out Niamh Charles with Sam Kerr ahead of her. There may be a push on a defender from Kerr before Charles scoops the ball into the back of the net.

Charles thinks she’s won it with the last kick of the game but the offside flag goes up. There’s no VAR so the goal is ruled out. Chelsea have seemingly been done again with that one.

In the end, it’s a draw in Spain. Chelsea came here in the Champions League group stages last season and cam away with a point.

They’ve done the same tonight and can feel more than slightly aggrieved about that.

Real Madrid 2-2 Chelsea

21:46 , Mike Jones

90 mins: There’s going to be four minutes of added time to play at the end of this match. Will there be a winning goal?

Real Madrid 2-2 Chelsea

21:45 , Mike Jones

88 mins: Chance! Lauren James cuts inside from the left and whips a shot at goal. She strikes the crossbar and the ball drops down to Jessie Fleming.

Fleming should score but she pushes her shot wide of the far post!

Real Madrid 2-2 Chelsea

21:43 , Mike Jones

85 mins: Save! The ball bounces up kindly for Johanna Rytting Kaneryd on the edge of the Real Madrid box. She puts her laces through a shot and forces a leaping save out of Misa Rodriguez who pushes the ball wide of the post.

Massive save right there.

Real Madrid 2-2 Chelsea

21:39 , Mike Jones

82 mins: There’s just been a replay of the penalty decision and it’s a harsh one for Chelsea.

There is contact but it comes outside the box and Del Castillo throws herself forward to trick the referee. It worked but Emma Hayes won’t be pleased with that decision after the game.

Into the final 10 minutes now. Is there time for one of these teams to win this one?

GOAL! Real Madrid 2-2 Chelsea (Carmona, 79’)⚽️

21:36 , Mike Jones

79 mins: Olga Carmona steps up and smokes her penalty into the right hand corner. Ann-Katrin Berger leaps the correct way but can’t get a hand to the ball.

All square once more.

Penalty to Real Madrid!

21:35 , Mike Jones

Real Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

77 mins: Emma Hayes was smiling. Not so much now. Jessie Fleming lunges into a challenge on Athenea del Castillo and clips the midfielder’s legs.

Del Castillo goes down in the box and the hosts win a spot kick.

GOAL! Real Madrid 1-2 Chelsea (Kerr, 74’)⚽️

21:32 , Mike Jones

74 mins: There it is!

Niamh Charles is given the ball out wide and brings it forward before a sharp one-two into takes her to the edge of the box. She drives to byline then flicks the ball over to the far post.

Sam Kerr leaps at the ball, hangs in the air then powers her headed effort into the back of the net!

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:29 , Mike Jones

72 mins: Jessie Fleming looks a little frustrated as she lifts a good ball into the middle of the box. Sam Kerr is the target but the goalkeeper is sharply off her line to punch the ball away.

The offside flag then goes up against Kerr and Real Madrid are given a free kick.

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:25 , Mike Jones

69 mins: Lauren James chips a nice cross into the middle of the box but doesn’t have the runners to get on the end of the pass. Instead the ball bounces through to Misa Rodriguez who clings onto it.

A touch over 20 minutes to play. Real Madrid have done a strong job of nullifying Chelsea’s attack in this half.

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:22 , Mike Jones

66 mins: Close! Real Madrid run into space on the left side of the pitch and whip a cross into the box. It drops nicely for Athenea del Castillo who pings a left-footed shot at goal.

Niamh Charles gets in the way and makes the block turning the ball behind for a corner.

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:20 , Mike Jones

63 mins: Here comes Lauren James. One of Chelsea’s star performers is introduced into the game with the Blues needing a goal. Fran Kirby is taken off by Emma Hayes.

Chelsea win a throw in high up the pitch and James’ first involvement is to give away a free kick after the ball bounces up and strikes her hand.

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:18 , Mike Jones

60 mins: Real Madrid look to the bench first and bring Maite Oroz onto the pitch to replace Zornoza Sanchez. Will that substitution bring them more control in the middle of the pitch?

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:14 , Mike Jones

57 mins: Linda Caicedo vs Ashley Lawrence has been a decent battle. The fisr half belonged to the Chelsea defender but Caicedo is seeing a bit of success through these opening stages of the second 45 minutes.

Lawrence gives away a free kick but Real Madrid fail to make it count and Chelsea recover possession.

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:11 , Mike Jones

54 mins: Chance! After Real push up the pitch, once again challenging the Chelsea back line, the Blues burst forward on the counter.

Fran Kirby brings the ball to the edge of the box then squares it across to Jessie Fleming. Fleming draws out a defender before knocking it back to Kirby who shoots and sees her effort blocked by Ivana Andres.

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:09 , Mike Jones

51 mins: Save! Chelsea almost get ahead.

Jess Carter is given the ball and nudges it forward looking for a killer pass. She finds one with a forward ball up to Sam Kerr who times her run expertly.

Kerr collects the ball, darts into the box and shoots but Misa Rodriguez manages to turn the ball behind for a corner!

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:07 , Mike Jones

48 mins: Real Madrid seem to started the second half with a bit of bite. They send the ball through the middle and work it around the edge of the box.

Chelsea’s defence holds firm though and they marshall the ball out for a goal kick.

Second half! Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:02 , Mike Jones

Chelsea get the match back underway in Spain. Emma Hayes looks relatively relaxed in the dugout as the match resumes. There hasn’t been any changes in personnel as the Blues work the ball over to the left wing where Jessie Fleming attempts to run it down.

She can’t keep the ball from going out for a goal kick.

HT Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

21:00 , Mike Jones

Real Madrid have only had one shot which resulted in Olga Carmona’s goal. In contrast Chelsea have created six chances with three on target.

Emma Hayes’ side have dominated possession and look the more likely side to go on and win from here.

HT Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

20:56 , Mike Jones

HT Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

20:51 , Mike Jones




Half-time! Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

20:46 , Mike Jones

45+1 mins: What a good game we’ve got going on here. From the corner the ball drops to Sjoeke Nusken who drills an effort at goal and smokes it into the hands of Misa Rodriguez.

Chelsea have responded brilliantly since going behind. Can they take the lead in the second half?

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

20:45 , Mike Jones

44 mins: Sandie Toletti is booked for bringing Johanna Rytting Kaneryd down on the edge of the box. Chelsea have the chance to score again from the free kick.

Erin Cuthbert takes the shot but hits the wall and wins a corner.

GOAL! Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea (Charles, 41′)⚽️

20:42 , Mike Jones

41 mins: There’s the equaliser!

Ashley Lawrence and Johanna Rytting Kaneryd combine beautifully on the right wing to work the ball up to the edge of the box. Lawrence then lifts a cross into the opposite side of the area where Niamh Charles arrives.

She leaps towards the ball and nods it into the far corner to get Chelsea on the board.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:41 , Mike Jones

39 mins: Chelsea come close to an equaliser again as Fran Kirby lifts the ball into the box from the right. It just passes over the head of Jessie Fleming before being recovered by Niamh Charles.

Charles evades the nearest defender and drills a pass into the six yard box. A deflection turns the ball towards goal but Ivanna Andres is on hand to clear the Madrid lines.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:36 , Mike Jones

36 mins: Close! Erin Cuthbert drifts out to the right side of the pitch and is given the ball. She finds some space and swings a great pass into the middle of the box.

Sam Kerr gets ahead of her marker but misses the ball as she tries to turn it towards goal. Jessie Fleming arrives at the back post but Oihane Hernandez sweeps the ball away from her.

Chelsea are starting to knock on the door.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:32 , Mike Jones

33 mins: A free kick on the right wing is floated over to the far side of the box by Erin Cuthbert. Sam Kerr is the target but she can’t bring the ball under control and Oihane Hernandez sweeps it away.

The next attack sees the Blues win a corner but this set piece is booted clear by the hosts as well.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:30 , Mike Jones

30 mins: Save! Chelsea break quickly up the pitch with Kirby in possession. She carries the ball down the inside right channel before slipping it into the box.

Sam Kerr is on the receiving end of the pass. Kerr touches it forward then belts one at goal only for Misa Rodriguez to palm it wide at the near post.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:29 , Mike Jones

28 mins: Athenea del Castillo looks to weave her way into the box from the right but can’t get around the blue shirts of the Chelsea defenders.

Instead she offloads the ball to Oihane Hernandez who feeds a wonderful threaded pass into the right side of the penalty area. Linda Caicedo is the first to react but she can’t beat Ann-Katrin Berger to the ball.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:25 , Mike Jones

25 mins: Sam Kerr makes a run to the near post as Jessie Fleming whips the ball in. Kerr flicks it on but it bounces just ahead of Fran Kirby who can’t quite reach it.

Olga Carmona tidies up for the hosts.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:24 , Mike Jones

22 mins: Chelsea have not lost since last season’s 1-0 home defeat by Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final. They’ll feel confident about getting back into this match but it’s hard going at the minute.

Real Madrid’s defence looks switched on and solid.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:20 , Mike Jones

19 mins: Linda Caicedo makes a decent run down the left for Madrid and gets the home fans excited. She looks to take on Ashley Lawrence but losing the ball in the box.

It rolls back to Berger who boots it clear but not before Signe Brunn tries to charge her down.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:18 , Mike Jones

16 mins: Erin Cuthbert is working the ball slickly around the edge of Madrid’s box. She wins a corner that gets whipped into the front post.

The ball comes loose on its way towards goal but Misa Rodriguez scoops it up for the hosts.

Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea

20:14 , Mike Jones

13 mins: Can Chelsea respond to going behind? The match played here last season was a close affair and ended 1-1. This game seems set up to be another tense affair.

GOAL! Real Madrid 1-0 Chelsea (Carmona, 10’)⚽️

20:12 , Mike Jones

10 mins: Against the run of play!

Real Madrid string together their first real attack at the Chelsea goal. A run and cross from the right side sees goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger boot the ball away.

Madrid recycle it quickly though sending the ball across to Olga Carmona. She strikes one from range and her effort deflects off Millie Bright.

The ball is forced wide of Berger and finishes in the back of the net. Big goal.

Real Madrid 0-0 Chelsea

20:05 , Mike Jones

6 mins: Great work from Olga Carmona.

Johanna Rytting Kaneryd threads a fine pass into the box to match Fran Kirby’s run. Kirby looks to line up a shot only for Carmona to scurry across and leap in front of the ball.

She takes it off the Chelsea midfielder and boots it clear. Fine defending.

Real Madrid 0-0 Chelsea

20:03 , Mike Jones

3 mins: Erin Cuthbert whips a cross into the middle of the box from the right wing but there’s no-one around to get on the end of the pass.

Jessie Fleming does her best to keep the ball in play but she can’t stop the ball from crossing the line and gifting Madrid another throw in.

Chelsea have started positively though.

Kick off! Real Madrid 0-0 Chelsea

20:01 , Mike Jones

Real Madrid kick off the match in Spain and work the ball around the back line. Linda Caicedo is fed the ball on the left wing but she’s quickly closed down and the ball rolls out for a throw in.

Pre-match thoughts from Emma Hayes

19:55 , Mike Jones

Chelsea manager, Emma Hayes, spoke to UEFA.com ahead of kick off saying: “We are really looking forward [to getting started]. We have only played domestically so being in the Champions League – a bigger competition – the team really loves it.

“We all know Real Madrid have unbelievable threats going forward, particularly on the counter. They’ve got pacy players out wide, so we expect them to be direct in those moments. For us, we have to be patient to break down a very compact block and find the right moments to get into the box.

“[I hope to see] a win, and most importantly, progress in what we’re doing this season. The team know what the objectives are, the team know the areas we have to improve if we’re going to progress in Europe and these are the things I’m going to be looking for.”

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

19:50 , Mike Jones

Real Madrid midfielder, Sandie Toletti, spoke ahead of the match saying: “We are looking forward to playing these important games against top-level teams.

“We know that Chelsea are one of the best teams in Europe. It’s a difficult game but we are going to go out and try to win!”

Ruthless Emma Hayes built a Chelsea dynasty and will fix USA’s ‘arrogance’ and ‘complacency’

19:45 , Mike Jones

“If you don’t improve I’m selling you.”

A young Jess Carter is sat in the middle of a white-walled room at Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham, a tactics board behind her, a fleet of analysts and fitness staff, all armed with laptops, positioned on the outside, quietly looking in. Carter is chewing gum and looks bored, frustrated to have been hauled aside to hear the same old message. Facing her is Emma Hayes.

“I want you to show every f***ing day that you give a f*** about yourself,” Hayes says. “It’s up to you to decide your future.”

Four years later, it is clear what future Carter decided to choose.

Ruthless Emma Hayes will fix USA’s ‘arrogance’ and ‘complacency’

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

19:40 , Mike Jones

Chelsea’s last visit to the Estadio Alfredo di Stefano came in December last year, when they salvaged a draw to take a point back to London.

Caroline Weir opened the scoring for the hosts before Guro Reiten’s penalty squeezed past goalkeeper Misa Rodriguez to ensure a share of the spoils on the night.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

19:35 , Mike Jones

An unbeaten start to the domestic season has seen Chelsea record five wins and one draw from their opening six league matches of the season.

They hold a three-point advantage at the top of the WSL table having scored 18 goals and conceded just four in the process.

Real Madrid are also in a rich vein of form in their domestic league and occupy second place in the Primera Division, three points behind leaders Barcelona, and recorded an emphatic 7-1 victory over Real Sociedad in their previous league outing on home turf.

Emma Hayes: Winning Champions League would be fairytale end to time at Chelsea

19:30 , Mike Jones

Emma Hayes admitted it would be a fairytale end to her Chelsea career by lifting the Women’s Champions League for the first time at the end of the season.

Hayes will end her 12-year stay with the west-London club after this campaign.

The Champions League is the one major trophy that has eluded the 47-year-old during that time, with the Blues having lost 4-0 in the 2021 final to Barcelona and reached the semi-finals on three other occasions.

Emma Hayes: Winning Champions League would be fairytale end to time at Chelsea

19:25 , Mike Jones

These sides are set to face off in the group stage of this competition for the second season running.

The Blues made it three wins from as many Group A outings with a 2-0 home success on 23 November 2022 before being held to a 1-1 in Spain later in December.

What playing in the Champions League means to Millie Bright

19:20 , Mike Jones

“I think it’s everything,” she said in a pre-match press conference. “I think that’s why players come to Chelsea, a top team and a club that’s very important to everyone, that stands for women, that represents women, and we want to be a dominant force in any competition that we take part in.

“I think you’ve seen the special performances that come out of the Champions League games and it’s a trophy that we don’t have, but it’s about going game-by-game and everyone’s switched on and ready for the challenges ahead.

“It’s been a target every season [winning the competition]. We’ve been very open about how important it is for us to keep progressing in the competition, but also our aim and dream is to win it. That goes hand-in-hand with being a Chelsea player and representing the club. The excitement is the same as any season.

“It’s certainly a competition that we’re prepared for and every single day we work towards it. At this club we always look to develop and improve and season-by-season we want to be again a dominant force. We’re just really excited for the campaign to start now.”

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

19:15 , Mike Jones

Chelsea made it five wins from six in the Women’s Super League on Sunday with a 3-0 victory away to Everton.

Jessie Fleming struck the opener after just 14 minutes before second half goals from Sam Kerr and Aggie Beever-Jones helped the reigning WSL champions maintain their three-point advantage at the top of the table.

Can they bring that form into tonight’s European action?

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

19:10 , Mike Jones

Real Madrid defender Olga Carmona supplied the assist for two of her side’s goals in that emphatic Liga F win on Friday to take her league tally for the campaign to five – more than any other player in the Spanish top-flight so far this season.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

19:05 , Mike Jones

Chelsea begin their final Women’s Champions League campaign under Emma Hayes with a blockbuster trip to Real Madrid in Group D.

The Blues reached the semi-finals of the Champions League last season but lost to eventual winners Barcelona, who also defeated them in the 2021 final.

Hayes has won every domestic trophy with Chelsea but the Champions League has eluded them. The English manager has confirmed that she will be leaving the club at the end of the season and it has now been revealed that she will manage the USA national women’s team.

Chelsea and Real Madrid were also in the same Champions League group last season, with the English champions progressing to the quarter-finals as the Spanish side were knocked out after finishing third behind Paris Saint-Germain.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

18:55 , Mike Jones

Chelsea travel to the Estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano tonight knowing they rode their luck during the 1-1 draw there in December last season.

They finished above Real Madrid in the group stages but that was before a Spain team packed with Madrid stars pipped the England side, not lacking in Chelsea talent, in August’s World Cup final.

Will Chelsea triumph tonight?

Real Madrid vs Chelsea line-ups

18:52 , Mike Jones

Real Madrid XI: Misa, Oihane, Ivana, Kathellen, Carmona, Toletti, Teresa, Athenea, Zornoza, Caicedo, Brunn

Chelsea XI: Berger, Lawrence, Bright, Carter, Charles, Cuthbert, Nusken, Rytting Kaneryd, Kirby, Fleming, Kerr

Real Madrid vs Chelsea betting tips and Women’s Champions League predictions

18:45 , Mike Jones

Chelsea begin their Champions League campaign with a tricky trip to Real Madrid with boss Emma Hayes out to lead the Blues to a maiden title before departing.

It has been confirmed that Hayes will become the world’s highest-paid female coach when she takes charge of the US women’s national team at the end of the season, but there’s plenty for the 47-year-old still to do at Stamford Bridge before she goes.

The Blues went deep in last season’s Champions League, reaching the semi-final stage before suffering a narrow defeat at the hands of Barcelona.

Bookmakers have made the Women’s Super League champions the third favourites to triumph this time around and they get an early chance to demonstrate their credentials at at the Alfredo Di Stefano.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea betting tips and Women’s Champions League predictions

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

18:40 , Mike Jones

Tonight’s clash sees Australian winger Hayley Raso, who plays for Real Madrid, go up against her national team captain and star striker, Sam Kerr.

Kerr is Chelsea’s main goalscorer and will provide a huge threat in and around the box. Which of the Matildas will prevail this evening?

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

18:35 , Mike Jones

The match will kick off at 8pm GMT on Wednesday 15 November.

All group stage games will be available to stream for free in the UK. Fans will be able to watch the UWCL group stage up to and including Matchday 4 on DAZN’s YouTube channel, with coverage then moving to the DAZN app and platforms.

TNT Sports will also be showing Real Madrid vs Chelsea live from 8pm.

You can watch Real Madrid vs Chelsea for free, here:

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

18:30 , Mike Jones

Good evening and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of tonight’s Women’s Champions League as Chelsea kick off their final European campaign under boss Emma Hayes.

Hayes has already been announced as the new head coach of the US women’s national team, a role she will take up at the end of this current season meaning she has one last chance of winning the only trophy to allude her as Chelsea manager.

The Blues reached the semi-finals of the tournament last season but fell to eventual winners Barcelona and now must start the group stages of the 2023/24 tournament against Liga F runner-up Real Madrid.

They famously reached the WCL final in 2021 only to be beaten, again, by Barcelona. Will this campaign finally earn them the title of European champions?

We’ll have all the updates, team news and match action tonight so stick around as we build up to kick off at 8pm.


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