San Diego FC unveils its name, logo and colors ahead of its 2025 MLS debut

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The expansion San Diego Football Club, or San Diego FC for short, unveiled its name, crest and colors Friday night outside the stadium where it will make its MLS debut in 2025.

The team already had said it would be known as either San Diego Football Club or Football Club San Diego. It chose San Diego FC to put the focus on the city’s name first.

The colors will be chrome and azul, or blue, as a nod to the Pacific Ocean. The crest will include hints of red, yellow and orange.

The crest features 18 lines that form what looks like a futuristic soccer ball. The 18 lines represent the 18 cities in San Diego County.

“We believe our crest truly reflects the essence and spirit of San Diego,” club CEO Tom Penn said. “Our club strives to become the epicenter of football excellence and innovation in North America.”

San Diego FC will play at Snapdragon Stadium, home to San Diego State’s football team, in Mission Valley.


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