Manchester City 3-3 Tottenham: What Dias said

Manchester City defender Ruben Dias speaking to Sky Sports: “It’s difficult for us. The same feeling as Liverpool, a game we could have won by four or five [goals] but, in the end, small margins. These things can happen.

“The team did think the performance was good on many levels. Obviously we conceded the goals but still the attitude, the way we played, the aggression [was there]. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the three points, it’s frustrating.

“The only way now is to keep moving forwards.”

On having that aggression: “Overall, in the game, the team was really aggressive. Obviously we can talk about chances that we need to make goals out of, we can also talk about goals we can’t concede, but in the end it’s a mix of all of it.

“The feeling we will leave the pitch with today is a bit of a frustrated feeling. I think all of us know the team was there for today and unfortunately we didn’t get the three points.

“I can be proud of what everyone did because everyone did everything to win the game today.”

On the amount of goals they are conceding: “This is football. Football is unpredictable and football changes all the time. In the past, we have had clean sheets that could’ve been goals conceded but we were able to sustain it.

“For example, in this game [and] the Liverpool game, when it looked like everything was locked in, we still conceded goals. So football is versatile and we need to adapt constantly.

“Things aren’t going the best way for us right now but the only thing we have to do is keep pushing, keep believing, keep pushing, keep moving forward. At some point, if you really believe in what you do, things come to you.”


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