Jurgen Klopp press conference LIVE: Liverpool manager address shock departure

Jurgen Klopp announces he’s leaving Liverpool FC

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Jurgen Klopp is to leave Liverpool at the end of the season, the German has confirmed in a shock announcement.

The 56-year-old has informed the club’s ownership of his decision to stand down, having taken charge at Liverpool in 2015.

Klopp has won six trophies with the Reds, including the Premier League title in 2020 and the Champions League trophy the year before. The German is due to speak to the media at 3pm this afternoon where he will react further to his decision which is set to shake the Premier League.

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Jurgen Klopp to leave Liverpool this summer

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Brighton boss Roberto de Zerbi on Jurgen Klopp

Brighton boss Roberto de Zerbi spoke about Jurgen Klopp describing him as one of the best managers in the world before adding that he can understand the reasons behind the Liverpool boss stepping aside at the end of the campaign.

“You need energy,” he said. “You have to push every day.

“You have to keep behaviour to improve every day. You can’t stop your improvement and studying the game and new coaches, development.

“If you don’t work with the right energy you lose everything. I like him because his energy, character… are great. If he changes country or league it is not a good thing.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 16:24


Liverpool confirm stance on timescale to replace Jurgen Klopp as manager

Liverpool will begin the search for a replacement manager immediately, but have issued a clear notice that work will be done behind the scenes with no public updates, to avoid distracting the team as they challenge for major honours this season.

Shortly afterwards, it was confirmed that Jorg Schmadtke would also be leaving his role as sporting director, having only been appointed on a short-term deal in June, leaving a big turnover of senior staff for the Reds this summer.

Mike Jones26 January 2024 16:17


18 of the best memes about Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool

Liverpool fans have been left in shock after Jurgen Klopp made the surprise announcement that he plans to leave the club and has inevitably become a meme.

The manager, who has won just about everything with Liverpool since first joining as manager in 2015, confirmed the news in an official club announcement on Friday (January 26).

The news marks the end of an era, with Klopp having won the Premier League and Champions League during his time in charge.

18 of the best memes about Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool

Liverpool fans have been left in shock after Jurgen Klopp made the surprise announcement that he plans to leave the club and has inevitably become a meme.The manager, who has won just about everything with Liverpool since first joining as manager in 2015, confirmed the news in an official club annou…

Mike Jones26 January 2024 16:08


Jurgen Klopp press conference

Hogan on how they will celebrate Klopp: “I had a conversation with my son who said I thought he was going to manage forever.

“We’ll have the right time and opportunity to look back and his career and the ride we’ve been on is extraordinary, who he is as a person, his charisma, the team that’s been built here is a massive credit to him.

“We want to get through today and get back to playing and winning football matches.

“His impact has been enormous as a colleague as a fan it has been equally so I hope that continues. We have targets ahead of us and that’s the main focus.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 16:04


Jurgen Klopp press conference

When did Klopp know he would be leaving?

“It was pretty much that time, I knew last season. You might have the opportunity to look at when I arrived at the club and a picture now and say nine years, really?

“Because I’m the leading part in the meetings, I couldn’t [do it], that was the first moment. We still planned it, when the new manager comes it’s fine, we planned pre-season because we had to.

“But that was the moment I started thinking, the football we played got better and better and the potential of the team was more and more obvious, that was the moment, that with a proper push and a really good manager on top of his game, that will be fun to watch and I will do that.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 16:00


Jurgen Klopp press conference

Klopp on Liverpool, the city and the culture : “I had no clue what I could expect here. I just knew it was about the people.

“This is the best club in the world, it’s outstanding. Being an honourable Scouser, I didn’t know before, but that’s probably one of the best things I could have achieved in my life.

“The way these people deal with difficulties is a role model for me. I learned so much here. I’m not in a mood for recap now, we have so much ahead.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 15:57


Jurgen Klopp press conference

Hogan on the departures of coaches Pep Ljinders and Vitor Matos: “From an overall perspective the decision that was taken at the time, Pep [Lijnders] and Vitor [Matos] will go. We will help their career going forward if we can.

“The team Jurgen has built is an extremely strong one.”

Klopp added about his coaching staff: “I will take the break but the other boys are ready.

“The impact they had over the years, especially Pep [Ljinders], is second to none. I know that I have to be thankful and grateful to him. He gave me so many new visions and helped me to develop.

“They will all go for it and I will support and follow from where I am. I’ll enjoy it a lot because there is a lot to expect from them.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 15:54


Jurgen Klopp press conference

Is there a chance Klopp could change his mind?

“My mind is always clear because of the good relationship at the club.” he said, “I have to make a decision at one point because no one else would.

“I always knew I would take that decision because I don’t just want to be hanging around. I have thought it through properly.

“I want to win everything this season and if we don’t win anything it won’t change my mind. It’s independent of results. The big one is the development of the team.

“We have a good basis to work with and that’s really important, that’s why it’s a good moment to give it to someone else.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 15:51


Jurgen Klopp press conference

Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan on the decision-making process for Klopp’s successor: “I think from our perspective, I don’t want to set an expectation because it’s a process we will go through.

“The way we operate as a football club is to look at all the information, the data and with due diligence and then make our decision. I can’t put a time on it. It will happen behind the scenes. It’s not to be a distraction, it’s about the campaign continuing and the team continuing to perform.

“When we have something to say, we will have something to say at that point.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 15:44


Jurgen Klopp press conference

Klopp on his message to fans: “I really hope you can accept my decision and beside that I am not in the mood to say thank you. These things will happen but now it’s time to continue with the season.

“There’s no misunderstanding on my feelings towards the fans or them towards me, these games should not be made about me. We need all the support for all these games, we need that. We want that.

“Let’s squeeze everything out of the season, that’s the message.”

Mike Jones26 January 2024 15:41


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