I will lead England to home glory at Euro 2028

England manager Gareth Southgate has previously claimed that Kane can keep playing until he is 40 and, aged 30, the player believes he has only just reached the second half of his career.

“The perception in sport or football in general is you hit 30 and people start to think the end,” said Kane. “But the way I am looking at it is that I almost have the second half of my career.

“I played in the first team at Spurs from 20 or 21, so I have had nine or 10 years at the highest level and I am hoping for another eight or nine years at the highest level again.

“It all depends. You see some players who want to have a different change or challenge, so I would never be able to tell you what I will do, but at the moment I just want to keep playing.

“I think, with everything, with recovery, sports science and the way the game has been and adapted, it has allowed players to play for longer. We may have a bit more information over what the players had in the past.”

On the examples of Robert Lewandoski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema, who have played at the top level well into their 30s, Kane added: “When you look at the players you said, that makes me believe and shows it is possible to play until your late thirties and that is what I am planning to do.

“There is definitely room for improvement. I have been coming to a stage over the last year or two when it has been coming together, having the experience, knowing your body, knowing the way you want to play, playing in high-pressure games.

“When you look at a lot of the top-level players – Ronaldos, Messis, Lewandowskis, Ibrahimovich – they have almost got better as they hit 30. In a lot of sports that happens as well. Everything is maybe settled in your personal life. You have got family, you have got kids. You are comfortable with your body, you are comfortable mentally where you are at and that just allows you to focus on the football.

“I definitely think there are levels and being at Bayern Munich now I can keep pushing myself to see how good I can get.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited England’s St George’s Park training base for Tuesday’s official announcement that Euro 2028 will be played in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and met with Kane and Southgate.


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