Eden Hazard’s most memorable kick propelled a ball boy onto the Rich List

There has been a remarkable divergence since. Hazard became the best player in England for a few years, but Morgan’s path has been even more interesting. Can you guess what he is up to now? I will give you a clue: the answer is not “rugby journalist”.

Instead Morgan, now 28, has catapulted himself onto the Sunday Times Rich List with a personal fortune estimated at £55 million, coincidentally the same estimate it has for Hazard. His fortune comes from his stake in AU Vodka, because you think “luxury ultra-premium vodka” and you immediately think “based in Swansea”. 

AU is endorsed on its website by everyone from Ronaldinho to former Radio 1 irritant Charlie Sloth although it might be worth removing the picture of Tory Lanez, currently serving 10 years for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. If unfamiliar with those names, imagine Ashley Cole accidentally shooting the work experience kid with an air rifle, just with more serious injuries and, you know, consequences.

AU’s branding, a gold bottle and vodka in a variety of lurid Panda Pops colours, suggests a demographic some way from readers of the Telegraph. Still, the price is right. A 70cl bottle of shimmering bright blue cosmic berries flavour will set you back just £34.99.


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