Bellingham reported to La Liga after allegation he called Greenwood a ‘rapist’

Jude Bellingham (right) and Real Madrid met Mason Greenwood’s Getafe on Thursday evening.Photograph: Bagu Blanco/Pressinphoto/REX/Shutterstock

Jude Bellingham has been reported to La Liga after he was accused of calling Mason Greenwood a “rapist” during Thursday’s fixture between Real Madrid and Getafe.

Getafe officials requested that Bellingham’s alleged comment be included in the referee’s match report, with an official complaint now in the hands of La Liga.

The two players came face to face in the Spanish top flight for the first time, with Bellingham’s Madrid running out 2-0 winners. Greenwood and Bellingham came into close contact on a number of occasions and after a tackle by Bellingham on his fellow Englishman, the midfielder was seen on camera mouthing what appeared to be the word “rapist”.

The incident was picked up by fans watching on TV, with some suggesting what Bellingham actually said was “rubbish” and La Liga confirmed that a lip reader would be asked to examine the footage.

“Getafe yesterday transferred the complaint to the La Liga match director and La Liga, as it always does on these occasions, has requested an expert report on lip reading to investigate the matter and act on the basis of what can be proven beyond doubt [by the lip reader],” La Liga said in a statement.

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Greenwood was charged by Greater Manchester police with attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and assault in October 2022. The charges were dropped in February of 2023 when the Crown Prosecution Service said there was “no longer a realistic prospect of conviction” after key witnesses withdrew their cooperation from the investigation and new evidence had come to light. Greenwood denied all charges.

Greenwood is on a season’s loan at Getafe from Manchester United, but it is thought he will never return to the club and he has been linked with continuing his career full-time in Spain.


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