Barcelona vs Chelsea LIVE: Women’s Champions League result and final score from semi-final clash

Chelsea stunned Women’s Champions League holders Barcelona by becoming the first team to beat them away from home in more than five years as Emma Hayes’s side claimed a 1-0 win to take back to Stamford Bridge for next week’s semi-final second leg.

Erin Cuthbert scored the only goal of the game as an immense defensive performance ensured Barcelona failed to score in a game for the first time in two years. Alexia Putellas missed a golden chance in the final seconds as Chelsea held on, but Chelsea goalkeeper Hannah Hampton did not have a shot to save.

Chelsea’s first ever win over Barcelona, who have won the Champions League in two out of the last three seasons, means the English champions will go through to the Bilbao final if they avoid defeat at Stamford Bridge next Saturday.

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Barcelona vs Chelsea LIVE

FULL TIME! Chelsea hold on to claim famous 1-0 win over Barcelona

90+9’ CHANCE! Alexia Putellas fires wide with final kick of the game as Chelsea survive (BAR 0-1 CHE)

51’ NO PENALTY! Patri’s shot blocked by Buchanan’s arm but Paralluelo offside (BAR 0-1 CHE)

39’ GOAL! Chelsea take shock lead as Cuthbert strikes into top corner (BAR 0-1 CHE)

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FT: Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:32 , Chris Wilson

So, Chelsea beat Barcelona for the first time and head back to Stamford Bridge with a slender lead in the tie.

They’ll be gutted that Ramirez hadn’t put them 2-0 up earlier, but they’ll be similarly relieved that Putellas couldn’t put that chance away right at the end. How costly could those two misses prove for each side?

The finalists will be decided a week today in London.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:30 , Chris Wilson

99 mins: CLOSE! That was the chance!

The free-kick is swung in and Bronze heads it across goal. Putellas meets it in the six-yard box and it looks like a certain goal, but she fires it wide!

That’s full-time, and Chelsea will head back to London with a one-goal lead in the tie!

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:27 , Chris Wilson

98 mins: Almost the chance for Barcelona as Paralluelo breaks free and beats Hampton to it, but she can’t connect with the attempted lob.

Bronze then delivers a cross but Carter clears! Barcelona will have a dangerous free-kick after Leupolz concedes a foul.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:26 , Chris Wilson

96 mins: Lucy Bronze loses it in the Chelsea half and Reiten intercepts and carries the ball all the way into the Barcelona box under pressure from Broiinze. She finally gets free of the challenge and puts in a cross, but it’s just behind Macario.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:25 , Chris Wilson

95 mins: Time for one more chance?

Rolfo wins a throw after Cuthbert does well to block the cross, but the Sweden international then plays a pass out for a goal kick. Chelsea are close!

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:23 , Chris Wilson

93 mins: Macario swings in the corner but it’s headed wide. Barcelona have around five minutes to salvage a result, but Hansen’s cross is collected by Hampton.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:22 , Chris Wilson

92 mins: Chelsea are closing the game out well at the moment, winning a throw deep into the Barcelona half, and then winning a corner. There’s still a few minutes left though.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:20 , Chris Wilson

91 mins: A Chelsea change as Mayra Ramirez comes off for Guro Reiten.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:19 , Chris Wilson

89 mins: Barcelona’s players are annoyed as Frappart gives a free-kick for Putellas’ challenge, but it was an obvious foul.

The home side win it back quickly though, but can’t find a way through with Putellas and Paralluelo.

There’ll be nine minutes of added time.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:17 , Chris Wilson

87 mins: It’s all happening now. The ball breaks for Paralluelo in the box, but Jess Carter is there with an excellent last-ditch challenge.

Right after, Rolfo rifles a cross in between Hampton and her defence, but there’s no Barcelona player there to meet it!

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:15 , Chris Wilson

86 mins: Ramirez does well to drive into the box and beat three players on her own, but there’s nobody running in to meet her cross.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:15 , Chris Wilson

86 mins: CLOSE! Lopez wins the ball in the Chelsea half and passes to Bonmati. The Spain international spreads it to Graham Hansen, who swings in a lovely cross to the back post. Paralluelo meets it and tries to volley, but it goes wide! She had more time than she thought.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:13 , Chris Wilson

83 mins: Nusken has been down for a little while, and the crowd is whistling as you’d expect. Hampton hits it long for the re-start.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:11 , Chris Wilson

82 mins: Bronze does well to cut back the ball from the byline, but Paralluelo can’t make anything of it. Chelsea counter and Paredes is booked for cutting down Nusken.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:10 , Chris Wilson

81 mins: Patri Guijarro was the first to go into the book after dragging back Ramirez for that free-kick.

Down the other end, Chelsea win a free-kick for hand ball just as it looked like they might be in a spot of bother in defence.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:08 , Chris Wilson

80 mins: Macario swings in a free-kick but it’s cleared, and Rolfo regains possession.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:07 , Chris Wilson

77 mins: Barcelona can’t seem to get a string of meaningful passes together at the moment. This will give Chelsea plenty of hope for the return leg at Stamford Bridge.

The away side are looking comfortable at the moment, but wary of the Barca threat.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:04 , Chris Wilson

74 mins: CLOSE! That was the chance!

Chelsea thread a ball through and Ramirez latches onto the end of it. She shrugs off the challenge, cuts in and hits the shot, but it goes wide! Had to do better really.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:02 , Chris Wilson

72 mins: Right after, Lauren James comes off for Chelsea and Catarina Macario comes on.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

14:01 , Chris Wilson

71 mins: Caldentey comes off for Vicky Lopez.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:59 , Chris Wilson

69 mins: Paralluelo is latest to swing in a cross but it’s cleared by jess Carter. Meanwhile, Paredes is down in the Chelsea box.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:57 , Chris Wilson

67 mins: It’s all going Chelsea’s way at the moment, though Barcelona are starting to turn the screw and they win a corner.

Hansen swings it in but Chelsea clear.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:53 , Chris Wilson

64 mins: Chelsea continue to hunt that pivotal second goal, and Lauren James hits a shot wide.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:52 , Chris Wilson

63 mins: Some subs amidst the VAR check. Engen comes off for Lucy Bronze, and Alexia Putellas comes on for Ona Battle.

The check is done and no penalty!

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:50 , Chris Wilson

62 mins: There’ll be a VAR check here as Chelsea venture into the box and Ramirez is taken down by Paredes. That could definitely be a penalty.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:49 , Chris Wilson

61 mins: The game restarts but Barcelona give it away, and Lauren James does well to recycle possession. On the other wing, Lawrence does well to gain some territory and win a throw-in.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:48 , Chris Wilson

60 mins: Right away, Ramirez goes down, and we’re set for another mini-break.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:47 , Chris Wilson

59 mins: Carter is back up now and we resume play. A few Barcelona subs are warming up.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:45 , Chris Wilson

56 mins: Hansen skips through a couple of challenges and it comes to Paralluelo, who rifles a shot that Carter does well to block. The Chelsea defender is down briefly.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:45 , Chris Wilson

55 mins: A rare moment that shows the benefits of VAR there. The Lluis Companys is not happy – what effect will that have on the rest of the game?

The second half has started similarly to the first one, though Chelsea have had more attacking intent.

NO PENALTY! Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:43 , Chris Wilson

54 mins: The penalty is overturned as Paralluelo was offside, standing behind Buchanan as the ball hit her arm! Still 1-0 and NO penalty.

13:41 , Chris Wilson

53 mins: There’s a lengthy wait before the penalty due to a long VAR check. It looked pretty clear but Frappart is going to the screen to have a look!

PENALTY! Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:40 , Chris Wilson

50 mins: PENALTY! Oh no.

Chelsea give PatriGuijarro far too much time on the edge of the box, and she gets a shot away that Buchanan can only block with her arm! Clear penalty.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:38 , Chris Wilson

48 mins: Kaneryd almost skips through the Barcelona defence but is tackled right before she could get the shot away, just before Lawrence curls a shot right at Cata Coll.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:35 , Chris Wilson

46 mins: Barcelona’s first chance of the half already as Paralluelo swings in a cross and Caldentey heads it back to Bonmati, but the ballon d’Or winner’s shot is blocked.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:33 , Chris Wilson

KICK-OFF! The teams are out and Chelsea get us re-started!

HALF-TIME! Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:29 , Chris Wilson

So, how will the home side respond? They certainly have another gear or two that they can get into.

They’ve not lost a competitive game at home since 2019, and this season have only drawn one game in the league, winning all of the rest of their 22 games.

They’ve scored 102 goals and conceded just six in the process!

13:24 , Chris Wilson

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

HALF-TIME! Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:19 , Chris Wilson

HALF-TIME! And the visitors go into the break with a slender lead!

For all their dominance in possession, Barcelona didn’t really force Hampton into any saves, while the home side’s attacking has just lacked that final bit of quality in front of goal.

Chelsea had done well to stifle the home side before applying pressure at the right time and grabbing a superb goal.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:17 , Chris Wilson

45 mins: There’ll be just one minute of added time.

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:16 , Chris Wilson

43 mins: I was mistaken – it was Nusken who did brilliantly well in the box to return the pass to Cuthbert, not Leupolz.

Can Chelsea see it out to half-time now?

Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:14 , Chris Wilson

41 mins: What a goal that was, and Barcelona fans look a little shellshocked. They aren’t used to seeing home losses considering Barca Femeni haven’t lost at home in five years.

The home side are immediately hunting the equaliser.

GOAL! Barcelona 0-1 Chelsea

13:12 , Chris Wilson

39 mins: GOAL! They won’t be irritated anymore!

Lawrence wins the ball near the Barcelona box and plays it to Cuthbert. She plays a lovely first-time pass to Leupolz, who returns the one-two, and Cuthbert skips past a challenge and rifles it into the corner!

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

13:11 , Chris Wilson

37 mins: Carter does brilliantly to win the ball from Paralluelo with a sliding challenge, and Chelsea have possession again. They’ve certainly grown into the game as it’s gone on.

The away side will be a little irritated that they’ve failed to capitalise on their chances though.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

13:07 , Chris Wilson

34 mins: Another Chelsea chance as Cuthbert slides a lovely through ball to Ramirez. She carries it into the box and the overlapping James takes over, but her cross is put behind for a corner.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

13:06 , Chris Wilson

32 mins: Chelsea’ best chance of the game so far as Leupolz slips it behind the defence to Ramirez. She lays it off but the shot is dragged wide, and the flag was up anyway.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

13:03 , Chris Wilson

31 mins: Gutierrez gets a half-shot, half-cross away down the left but it hits the side netting.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

13:02 , Chris Wilson

29 mins: An opportunity for Chelsea as James clips in an inviting cross, but Rolfo does well to head it away.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:59 , Chris Wilson

27 mins: Barcelona threaten near the Chelsea box but there’s a bit of pinball and the away side clear. Plenty of calm in the Barca midfield but less so in the final third.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:57 , Chris Wilson

24 mins: Chelsea have their first opportunity for a dangerous free-kick on the left. Cuthbert sends it in and Charles tries to send it back across goal, but it’s intercepted.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:55 , Chris Wilson

23 mins: Ramirez is proving a handy outlet for Chelsea when they look to counter, but she’s not getting enough support at the moment. She spins Rolfo near halfway, but the Sweden defender does enough to recover.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:54 , Chris Wilson

22 mins: Rolfo swings a lovely ball over the top that Paralluelo latches onto. She drives towards the box but can’t get a clean shot away.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:53 , Chris Wilson

20 mins: Caldentey gets away down the right and plays in Paralluelo, but nobody in a Blaugrana shirt is there to meet the latter’s cross.

Bonmati ends the attack as the shoots over from outside the box.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:51 , Chris Wilson

18 mins: Chelsea are just a little bit disjointed in attack so far, with Ramirez the latest guilty party. The away side don’t look nervous or even under that much pressure, but Barcelona are certainly dominating possession.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:49 , Chris Wilson

16 mins: Ramirez leads the Chelsea counter from the corner, but she’s tackled near halfway and wins a throw.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:48 , Chris Wilson

15 mins: Chelsea are struggling to keep the ball a little bitt here. Bonmati breaks free down the middle, and surges towards the box. She has two options and chooses to play it left to Paralluelo, but her shot is deflected behind for a corner.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:46 , Chris Wilson

12 mins: Paralluelo wins a throw near the corner flag as Barcelona continue to dominate. The home side are yet to fashion a real clear-cut opportunity.

Chelsea get forward with Lawrence down the left, and she wins the throw.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:42 , Chris Wilson

9 mins: Chelsea almost have an excellent chance as Kaneryd almost gets in behind the Barcelona defence, but it’s dealt with eventually.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:40 , Chris Wilson

7 mins: Hansen’s corner is flicked on by Caldentey, but it eventually rolls to Hampton in the Chelsea goal.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:39 , Chris Wilson

5 mins: Cuthbert is lucky to avoid a booking after a late challenge, but referee Stephanie Frappart lets this go. Much better game management than we saw in some of the men’s Champions League ties.

Shortly after, Barca attack and Graham Hansen gets in down the right. Her cross is turned behind for a corner.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:36 , Chris Wilson

3 mins: Barcelona are certainly dominating the opening exchanges, both on the ball and in terms of attacking opportunities, but no shots on target for either side yet.

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:33 , Chris Wilson

1 min: Barcelona have already got into the Chelsea box a couple of times. The ball comes in from the left and almost falls to Graham Hansen, but she slips before she can get to it.

KICK-OFF! Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

12:32 , Chris Wilson

KICK-OFF! The home side get us underway in Barcelona.

Barcelona vs Chelsea LIVE

12:28 , Chris Wilson

The teams are in the tunnel now as the Barcelona anthem plays on the tannoy at the Lluis Companys stadium.

Kick-off is imminent!

(Getty Images)

James starts despite pre-match doubts

12:25 , Chris Wilson

Perhaps the biggest news in the immediate build-up to the game is that forward Lauren James will indeed start for Chelsea.

Emma Hayes previously confirmed that James missed Wednesday’s win over Aston Villa due to injury, but refused to comment on the extent or severity of the injury situation.

Well, perhaps it was all mind games, as the England international – who is central to Chelsea’s hopes of winning the Champions League in Hayes’ last season with the club – starts.

Barcelona vs Chelsea: Emma Hayes on Women’s Champions League semi-final

12:20 , Chris Wilson

Emma Hayes on facing Barcelona again: “I look forward to every game. Of course everybody wants to be in the Champions League semi-final but we don’t have much time to think too hard about it.

“We had to try to win in the league first [on Wednesday] and our brains can now switch to the Champions League so it’s rest first, then we think about Friday and what we need to deliver in training. Then we go and play the first half. That’s all it is, the first half.”

(Getty Images)

Where does Barcelona’s threat come from?

12:15 , Chris Wilson

Chelsea will know how Barcelona’s threats will come from all angles. The elusive dribbling and finishing of Graham Hansen when gliding off the right wing punished Chelsea in last season’s semi-finals. Mariona Caldentey’s ability to drift inside from the opposite side offers Barcelona an advantage in central areas, and allows Rolfo, a winger for Sweden, to play in the same position but from full-back. The departures of Jenni Hermoso and Asisat Oshoala means Salma Paralluelo, the best young player at the World Cup, has been afforded chances to lead the line. Paralluelo really made her breakthrough in her debut Champions League campaign last year but a 30-goal return this season resembles a further leap from the 20-year-old forward.

Naturally, Barcelona’s midfield remains the heart of a side that is defined by its technical excellence. Bonmati, the clear best player in the world over the past year, will threaten to undo Chelsea by exploiting the narrowest of gaps and the tightest of spaces on the edge of the box. Parti Guijarro, one of the Spanish players who made themselves unavailable from Spain’s World Cup squad, is the leader who dragged Barcelona from behind in last season’s final against Wolfsburg. Walsh, no stranger to England opposition, sets the tempo. Chelsea may look to focus on Bonmati, or Walsh, or Graham Hansen, only to leave room elsewhere.

(Action Images via Reuters)

‘Nothing has changed’ and Spain’s female footballers still have ‘same problems’, says Aitana Bonmati

12:11 , Jamie Braidwood

Barcelona star Aitana Bonmati insisted things “have not changed” for women’s footballers in Spain, despite the public attention on issues in the aftermath of Spain’s 2023 Women’s World Cup victory.

Jenni Hormoso, who was kissed on the lips by Luis Rubiales at the final in Sydney, and has since filed a legal complaint against the former Spanish football federation president. She then went on to lead the fight against sexism in football in the country, and led to the departure of former head coach Jorge Vilda.

Bonmati revealed to BBC Sport, that in addition to the well-documented problems at national level, the same issues extend into the domestic set up.

‘Nothing has changed’ for Spain women’s footballers says Aitana Bonmati

Barcelona vs Chelsea betting tips: Women’s Champions League predictions, odds and free bets

11:59 , Jamie Braidwood

Chelsea face a familiar foe in Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final clash on Saturday lunchtime (12.30pm, TNT Sports 2).

The Blues are bidding to send manager Emma Hayes off on the highest of notes and reaching their second Champions League final would put them on course to do just that.

Chelsea brushed aside Ajax in the quarter-finals with a comfortable victory, doing the damage in the first leg with a 3-0 win before playing out a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge.

However, Hayes’ side now come up against a Barcelona team that’s ruined their European dreams in the past.

Barcelona vs Chelsea betting tips: Women’s Champions League predictions, odds and free bets

Why Barcelona remains the final frontier for Chelsea and Emma Hayes in the Women’s Champions League

11:45 , Jamie Braidwood

It is around this time of the season when Emma Hayes starts to tell her Chelsea players they need to be prepared to “suffer” in the Women’s Champions League. Hayes will have a simple message as her side visit the holders and face the all-conquering Barcelona for the third time in four seasons: Chelsea can’t win this semi-final tie in the first leg, but they can lose it. Getting back to Stamford Bridge for the return leg next week with their hopes of progressing to the Bilbao final still alive will be the priority.

For one final time, Hayes and Chelsea have switched into a siege mentality as they travel to the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium. The Champions League is the one trophy that has eluded Hayes during her 12-year reign at Chelsea and this is their final chance. The prospect of Hayes crowning an era of domestic dominance by adding a first continental title, departing into the sunset as European champions, is the fairytale ending but the past few weeks have shown that reality can be rather less forgiving.

Why Barcelona remains the final frontier for Chelsea and Emma Hayes

Barcelona vs Chelsea confirmed line-up

11:30 , Sonia Twigg

Barcelona XI: Cata Coll, Paredes, Paralluelo, Mariona, Graham, Patri, Aitana, Rolfo, Walsh, Batlle, Engen

Chelsea XI: Hampton, Lawrence, Carter, Buchanan, Charles, Leupolz, Cuthbert, Nusken, Kaneryd, James, Ramirez

Chelsea’s Lauren James a doubt for Barcelona clash as Emma Hayes refuses to comment on injury

11:15 , Jamie Braidwood

Chelsea forward Lauren James is a doubt for Saturday’s Women’s Champions League semi-final against Barcelona after Emma Hayes confirmed she missed Wednesday’s win over Aston Villa due to injury.

Hayes said James had not trained this week but refused to reveal any further details after the 22-year-old was absent from the Chelsea squad after playing the whole of Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final defeat to Manchester United.

Chelsea travel to Barcelona on Friday ahead of the first leg of their Champions League semi-final clash against the holders, with the return leg taking place at Stamford Bridge the following week.

England international James is Chelsea’s top scorer in all competitions this season and is central to their hopes of winning a first Champions League title, with striker Sam Kerr ruled out for the rest of the season with an ACL injury.

Lauren James a doubt for Barcelona clash as Emma Hayes refuses to comment on injury

Barcelona vs Chelsea team news

11:01 , Jamie Braidwood

What is the team news?

Chelsea forward Lauren James is a doubt and did not train on Friday after missing the 3-0 win over Aston Villa in midweek. Chelsea were already without Sam Kerr and Millie Bright, who remains out with a knee injury. After being rested in midweek, the likes of Guro Reiten, Erin Cuthbert and Melanie Leupolz should return.

Barcelona have a host of world-class stars and, apart from Spain centre-back Mapi Leon. Jonatan Giráldez has a fully-fit squad to work with. Alexia Putellas is getting back to full fitness but Patricia Guijarro may retain her place in midfield, while Salma Paralluelo may start ahead of Esmee Brugts. England duo Lucy Bronze and Keira Walsh should start.

How to watch the Women’s Champions League

11:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Catch the thrilling clash UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-final as Emma Hayes’s Chelsea face Spanish superstars Barcelona. Watch all the action unfold live and for free on DAZN. We may earn commission from some of the links in this article, but we never allow this to influence our content. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

10:45 , Jamie Braidwood

When is Barcelona vs Chelsea?

The Women’s Champions League semi-final will kick off at 12:30pm BST (UK time) on Saturday 20 April, at the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium.

How can I watch it?

Watch the Women’s Champions League Semi-Finals for free on DAZN.

Good morning

10:30 , Jamie Braidwood

Chelsea travel to Barcelona to face the Women’s Champions League holders in a rematch of last season’s semi-finals.

The Champions League is the only trophy that has eluded Chelsea under Emma Hayes during the dominant era of domestic success, and this is the club’s final chance with Hayes leaving at the end of the season.

Barcelona defeated Chelsea in last year’s semi-finals, edging the tie 2-1 on aggregate following a 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge and a 1-1 draw at Camp Nou. The Spanish side went on to beat Wolfsburg in the final and are targeting a third Champions League title in four seasons.

Barcelona won the first of those against Chelsea in the 2021 final – winning 4-0 to deny Chelsea and Hayes their first Champions League trophy.

Can the Blues earn revenge and give Hayes the perfect send-off? Here’s everything you need to know ahead of kick-off

Is Barcelona vs Chelsea on TV? How to watch Women’s Champions League


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